Surfing Gorilla

We create sustainable bed linen that makes children's and teenagers' rooms more colourful. Uniqueness, sustainability and fairness are our principles.

Existing since 2019, we have won the trust of numerous satisfied customers !

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Children's bed linen with that special extra

A unique composition of lovingly handcrafted in the highest organic quality - for a gentle and carefree sleep! Eco and organic bed linen does not have to be boring -

Surfing Gorilla shows that extraordinary things can be done!

  • Unique

    Surfing Gorilla's designs are unique! Every bed linen is designed with a lot of love and should invite you to dream. From the idea to the creation of the design to production, our heart and soul goes into the product. We want to create a special sleeping experience for the children. They should be enthusiastic about their bed linen and feel comfortable in it. That is why we place the highest demands on the material and processing.

  • Consistent

    Surfing Gorilla bed linen is not only creative, it is also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This begins with the selection of the raw materials. Here we use textiles made from organically produced natural fibers. Production takes place with careful consideration of environmentally friendly criteria. A water and energy-saving production is regularly certified. Height
    quality requirements and best
    Materials guarantee a long-lasting product that will accompany your children through the loveliest hours of the night

  • Fair

    At Surfing Gorilla, we have a high one
    Claim to the whole
    value chain of our bed linen.
    This includes fair ones
    production conditions. We therefore work closely with an Indian family business that is characterized by high social standards. Fair treatment of employees and suppliers is guaranteed. Our products thus make a contribution to safe and hygienic working conditions with fair wages

  • Shipping faster

    We ship our bedding within a day!

  • High quality

    All our products are made from gentle and sustainable materials!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    If you don't like your product, you can simply send it back :)