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Step 3 - Finding a producer

Finding a producer
We are highly motivated to find a production partner. Again the internet is in trouble. A bit of market research, writing a cover letter and writing to 15 producers around the world. Runs, ... we thought.
But we had reckoned without Corona! There was no response to our request. Even after repeated queries, there was no answer to our request 😔.
We hadn't actually imagined it to be that complicated!
But despite mounting doubts, we didn't let ourselves be discouraged. So after several weeks we wrote to another 20 producers. And ... lo and behold, ... at least three companies have reported back.
We were a bit excited when we made Skype appointments with producers in Portugal, Slovenia and India. We had very exciting discussions with these potential partners. We were able to get a first impression of textile production and quickly learned a lot.
But what was more important for us was that we received confirmation that our product idea was very complex to produce, but that there was nothing comparable on the market!

An Indian family company ultimately convinced us both technically and in terms of the high demands placed on the production facility.
To be continued... 😀
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