Step 4 - Vom Design bis zum ersten Prototyp - Surfing-Gorilla. Symbol des Jakobsweg mit Strickmännchen auf gelbem Pfeil

Step 4 - From design to first prototype

From design to the first prototype

A relationship of trust quickly developed with Monika from SRC Creations. Monika and her husband run a textile company in New Delhi, India. Their production is 2 hours drive away in Panipat, north of Delhi. The company is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This was and is an important criterion for us, because GOTS is a leading global standard for sustainable textile production and places high demands on the entire production value chain - from arable cultivation to finishing in further processing.

Monika was quickly hooked on the idea and also invested a lot of time in the project. This enabled us to sharpen the product idea again. For example, we came up with the idea of ​​adding a light filling to the mermaid and octopus extensions to help them hold their shape better. In this way, we were also able to align the requirements for production. When using the materials, strict attention was also paid to compliance with the GOTS standards. Did you know that you can't use every zipper, for example?

From the revision of the designs to the color tests of the first test prints, we were able to work our way up to the prototype step by step. Here you can see some photos from this phase:

Color testing of the Octopus and Mermaid prototypes

Color testing of the mermaid prototype Color Tests of the Octopus Prototype Children's Bedding
Color testing of the Octopus and Mermaid prototypes The print for the first prototype - mermaid

The print for the first prototype - Octopus

We are regularly confronted with new challenges caused by Covid-19, which also affect the project. And yet it keeps going.
After the first prints of the designs, we decide on the finishing of the bed linen. It's about questions of which yarn we want to use or which elements are particularly emphasized by embroidery. Our goal is to breathe life into the motifs.
yarn bedding Pillow mermaid Sheets fish

Spoiled for choice...

We chose the 2nd yarn from the left

Embroideries on the faces of the mermaid, starfish and fish give contour and appear lively. The highlighting of the profile and the eye give the fish a slight 3D effect.
Almost every day we exchange photos via WhatsApp about changes and adjustments to the bed linen. At the end there are four finished prototypes that are on their way to Germany!
Full of excitement we are waiting for the delivery in Bonn. After months of preparatory work, we finally want to feel the bed linen in our own hands.
To be continued...😀
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