Surfing Gorilla - Wir stehen am Anfang. Auf Tafel gemalte bunte Rakete mit Wolken und Sternen

Step 1 - We are at the beginning

Every journey begins with a first step.

Our journey began not so long ago, in autumn 2019, in search of beautiful children's bedding for our own children.

Together we thought about how to playfully bring characters from fairy tales and fables to life on bed linen. We quickly agreed that the bed linen should appear "alive".

We didn't want to reduce the motifs to the classic "(pillow and blanket)" dimensions, but emphasize the natural shapes of the figures with protruding arms and legs.

And just as the brain connects so many things, mixed images of stuffed animals and bedclothes arose in our heads over the following days.

I tried to put the ideas on paper. At this point we don't want to withhold the creations from back then 😁:

Robot bedding for kids
Design robot bedding for kids

Even if I have to admit (and you probably do too) that I can't draw at all, you can already see the basic principle of our bed linen: Lovingly drawn motifs 😉 with overhanging elements.

To be continued... 😀

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