Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen - Interview mit unserem Produzenten

A look behind the scenes - interview with our producer

Today we would like to give you an insight into the way we have our children's bed linen produced. We conducted an interview with Monika Aggerwal. Monika is the Sales Manager and Co-Head of our family-run manufacturing partner SRC Creation in India.

Surfing-Gorilla: Hello Monika, can you tell us something about your company SRC Creation?

Monika: We founded our company in 2001 and since then have specialized in services related to fabric processing and digital printing. We have been GOTS/Sustainable Textiles certified since 2007.

Surfing Gorilla: GOTS is a good keyword. Your GOTS certification was the reason for us to work with you. Because the sustainable production of our bed linen is important to us.

This also includes the environmentally friendly and water-saving cultivation of cotton. Can you tell us where the cotton you process comes from?

Monika: We know the organic cotton farmers personally from working together on joint projects. The farmers and the cotton come from the state of Gujarat, in north-western India. Most importantly, all cotton-growing areas are rain-fed areas. This means that artificial irrigation can be dispensed with!
Farmer cotton field

Surfing Gorilla: And what about the use of harmful substances in further processing?

Monika: We do not use substances that are harmful to health and that are difficult to degrade - no harmful substances are used.

Surfing Gorilla: But you still have to bleach and dye?

Monika: Yes, but we only use GOTS-tested dyes and bleaching processes. We completely do without chemical dyes or optical brighteners.

Surfing Gorilla: What measures have you taken to avoid water pollution, for example?

Monika: Among other things, we installed water filters. The ETP systems used (note: ETP = Effluent Treatment Plant) guarantee zero discharge of process water, so there is no risk of water pollution.

Surfing Gorilla: For our children's bed linen you need accessories in addition to the fabric? How about that?

Monika: All purchased materials must also meet the recognized GOTS standards. The zipper, for example - it is from "ykk" and also certified according to ecological standards. And thus guaranteed free from dangerous chemicals.

Surfing Gorilla: In addition to the important point of sustainability, we naturally want our bed linen to be manufactured under fair and social conditions. How do you feel about the topic?

Monika: All of our employees have a permanent employment contract with a guaranteed salary. We comply with all social standards and there is no child labor. The minimum age of each employee is 18 years plus.

Surfing Gorilla: You often hear about employee exploitation and inhumane working conditions in the textile industry?

Monika: I can say the following about that. We also have strict requirements and occupational safety regulations that we adhere to. Every employee has fixed working hours and there is no forced overtime. But any employee can opt for additional hours on a paid basis. However, he must notify us of this at least 2 days in advance so that we can employ him with additional work, as all employees are assigned work on a weekly basis.

Surfing Gorilla: What About Maternity and Sick Pay? Do you have something?

Monika: Yes, we are sensitive to our employees and take full care of their needs during this time.

Surfing Gorilla: Can you tell us something about discrimination?

Monika: We treat men and women equally. There is no discrimination.

Surfing Gorilla: Thank you so far. Finally, can you describe to us what the working conditions are like on site?

Monika: That can be explained quite well using the example of the measures taken regarding Covid19. We have ensured various steps. From the face mask to disinfection at every stage of production and in every place. We also carried out regular temperature and pulse measurements on the employees. Not to mention "social distancing" between employees.

staff closer

Surfing-Gorilla: Monika, thank you very much for the interview and the insightful information.

Monika: Thank you very much.

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