Children's bedding - which size is right?

How do I find the right children's bedding?

In Europe there is an incredibly large variety of sizes of duvet covers. Each country has its own measurements. Germany has different sizes than, for example, Austria, Switzerland, France or England. And that applies not only to the bed linen but also to the pillows. It's difficult to keep track of things. We therefore want to bring some clarity to the jungle of different bed sizes. We would like to give you some help for online purchases.

In order to make the overview a little easier for us, we want to focus on the German market.

Basically, the size of bed linen should also be based on body size. Accordingly, one can also differentiate between babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults when it comes to bed linen.

Children's bedding for babies (80x80 /30x40 cm)


The standard size of bedding for our little ones is 80x80 cm. Because they are still very tender, it is recommended not to use a pillow. It is better to lay the babies flat on a soft fitted sheet in the cradle, bassinet and pram. A thin pad such as a burp cloth is also well suited, as it can be changed quickly.

Children's bedding for toddlers (100x135 / 40x60 cm)

When the little ones have grown a bit, we are happy to put them in a small cot. Of course, it is up to you at what age you put your girl or boy in their own baby bed. But between 3-9 months you can already start with it.

Laughing children in the cot

In order to give our girls and boys a cozy and secure sleeping feeling, these baby beds are usually not too big. They are mostly between 60-70 cm wide and 120-140 cm long. Often they still have a grid. So our little ones are protected from falling out.

A toddler bedding is ideal for this bed size. The standard size for this is 100x135 cm for the duvet cover and 40x60 cm for the pillow.

The toddler bedding is usually used for several years. Depending on the child, this can extend into elementary school. It is therefore important to pay attention to the quality of the bed linen. Cotton and linen bed linen with a pleasantly soft surface are preferred by the children here. We personally also attach particular importance to sustainably produced organic bed linen.

Bedding for teenagers and adults (135x200 / 80x80 cm)

At the latest when school age is reached, a large bed can be considered. And, of course, a large bed also needs large bed linen!

sleeping girl

The standard size for young people and adults in Germany is 135x200 cm. It is aimed at people who are up to 180 cm tall. This bed linen size is therefore equally suitable for children, teenagers and adults.

As a guideline, the bed linen should always be approx. 20cm longer than your own height. So if you are taller than 180 cm, you should think about special measurements;)

And if you prefer it a little wider, you can also cover yourself with the comfort size 155x200 cm

For all questions about the size of the bed linen, however, the aspects of sustainability and quality of the bed linen should always (!) be taken into account when buying (online). Bedding is probably the textile we have surrounded ourselves with the longest.

Therefore, when buying, make sure that the bed linen is made from high-quality organic cotton and has eco-certificates (e.g. GOTS). You are doing yourself, your loved ones and the environment good. And if you also want it to be particularly unique, we recommend our Surfing Gorilla bed linen!

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