Recyceln von Textilien - Verfahren

Textile recycling - procedures

The process of recycling textiles can vary depending on the type of clothing and the specific needs of the recycling company. In general, however, the procedure follows a few basic steps:

Process recycling

Collection: First, the textiles to be recycled are collected. This can be done either by setting up collection points or by accepting clothing directly from recycling companies.

Collection recycling

Sorting: After the clothes are collected, they are sorted by type and condition. This can be done either manually or by machine.

Cleaning: The sorted clothing is then cleaned to remove dirt and contaminants. This can be done by washing, steaming, or other cleaning methods.

Shredding: After cleaning, the clothes are shredded to prepare them for further recycling. This can be done either by tearing up clothing with machines or by shredding textiles.

Processing: After the clothes are shredded, they can be processed for various purposes. This can be done, for example, by spinning fibers for new fabrics or by processing textiles into insulating materials.

Production: Finally, the recycled textiles are processed into new products, such as our bed linen! This step can look different depending on the procedure and goal.

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