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Step 2 - The elaboration of the idea

We start by developing the idea

With the first rough idea, a seed was planted. From then on, it still took some time before we developed a business idea from it. None of us have any design experience, nor do we have any knowledge of the textile industry. So we asked around. Depending on who we asked, the answers were different.

From " that's a great idea " to "quite nice" to " you have no idea about the business " the whole range was available.

A wise man said that in life you always have to get up more than you fall. So we ignored the negative feedback and convinced ourselves that the lack of enthusiasm was due to the poor quality of my design drafts (see our blog post " Step 1 - We are at the beginning ").

The solution: We set about it and looked for a designer. And we found what we were looking for through Upwork. In Lauren we found someone who implemented the idea brilliantly. Lauren is a textile designer from England and has her own small label callededie and jo . With great attention to detail, she made us the first drafts. The following 6 motifs for children's bed linen were created:

  • robot
  • octopus
  • Dragon
  • Mermaid
  • Owl
  • unicorn
    With the first elaborated designs, the thought is strengthened - now we can start. We absolutely have to keep going!
    To be continued... 😀
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