Wie erkenne ich ökologisch und nachhaltig produzierte Kinderbettwäsche?

How do I recognize ecologically and sustainably produced children's bed linen?

At Surfing-Gorilla, we believe that it's not just what's on the outside that counts, but what's on the inside too. A wine doesn't taste better just because the label looks nice. The situation is similar with the bed linen in which we let our children sleep.

Are we really doing our children a favor if we buy children's bedding that is colourful, pretty and cheap?

What we often forget when buying - online or in store - is that children's bedding has often been grown and produced at the expense of biodiversity and the environment. In the worst case, they also make you ill because they contain residues of pesticides or chemicals (you can find out more about this here ).

We don't want to scare or panic, but at best we want to encourage you to question your own behavior! In principle, every consumer has to decide for himself what is important to him.

When buying children's bed linen (and textiles in general), we recommend using sustainably and fairly manufactured products!

Equilibrium Sustainability

It should be worth it to us and our children!

Independent organizations with corresponding certifications provide help with the purchase. Reliable seals make it easy to identify sustainably produced bed linen and clothing. For example, organizations such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and IVN Best - Internationale Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e. V. in addition to ecological cultivation, also compliance with standards in further processing and fair working conditions for the workers.

You can recognize the sustainably produced bed linen by the following labels:


These independent organizations define environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain, including social criteria. Your requirements go far beyond pure organic cotton.

CONCLUSION: If you have decided to give your child (and yourself) only the best! If you want to live healthily, consciously and sustainably and it is important to you to protect our planet, promote biodiversity and support fair working conditions - then you are exactly right with the purchase of products with GOTS and IVN seal!
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We at Surfing Gorilla produce children's bed linen exclusively from organic cotton according to the GOTS standard.

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